Advantage Utilities Services Experts in Utilities' management for commercial and domestic customers nationwide


Water Pipe Services

 We can repair or replace all types of water pipes including lead.


We undertake the installation of utilities including water, gas, drainage and service ducting.

Industry Qualified

We have all required industry accreditations including CHAS, WIAPS, Safe Contractor, etc.

Emergency Response

We offer end to end services from monitoring consumption through to replacing damaged pipes 24/7 all year round.

Leak Detection

Pipe Detection

Both metallic and non-metallic pipes can be traced.

Ground Microphones

Water under pressure creates “noise”, specialist microphones can detect these frequencies.

Noise Corelation

Leak frequencies are analysed to calculate the distance between instances.


We will offer the most cost effective repair / replacement solutions

Data Logging

Water Consumption

Provides accurate consuption rates as prevents undetected water leaks.

GSM Technology

Our loggers utilise GSM technology so that even remote locations can still be monitored.

Web Access

You can monitor any of your locations from anywhere in the world that has web access.


Automated alarms allow you to deal with leaks as they arise and therefore prevent excessive waste.