Utilities installations

Advantage Utilities Services provide a one stop shop to install all of your new utilities, no matter how large or small.  As Water industry Approved Contractors (WIAPS) we can help you through the process of planning approval to signing off the work.

We can provide planning and installation solutions for Water, Gas, Service ducting or drainage. Wherever possible, we use trenchless technology to minimize disruption and reinstatement.

Trenchless Technology
Impact Moling is a way of installing new pipes without the need for continuous trenches.The Mole acts as a pneumatic cylinder repeatedly hammering against the soil infront of the mole.The Mole displaces the soil creating a bore for the new sevice to be pulled through,minimizing disturbance and reducing installation time and costs. 

Our recent contracts include:

        • Multi utility commercial developments.
        • Major water main replacement projects at Hospital sites throughout the area.

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