Leak Detection


Advantage Utilities Services have invested in state of the art leak detection equipment and our fully trained teams use their extensive experience to choose the most appropriate technique to solve the problem.

Leak Detection Techniques

Pipe Tracing
Metallic pipes can be traced by attaching a signal generator which sends a signal along the length of the pipe and this is detected above ground by a receiver tuned to the same frequency. Non Metallic Pipes cannot conduct the transmitted signal; this is overcome by
Inserting a tracer wire inside the pipe, and sending the signal along the wire.
Ground Microphone
When water escapes from a pipe under pressure, it creates a noise — metallic pipes create a higher frequency sound, plastic pipes create a lower sound. These sounds are picked up by extremely sensitive ground microphones, with high and low frequency filters.
Noise Corelation
With correlation, the sound is electronically measured by microphones at two points, The sounds are assessed by the computer and the computer calculates the distance from each microphone and displays it on a graph.

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